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Fear January 11, 2013

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Silence echoes through the room

As still and quiet as a tomb

I search for any shred of light

But the darkness shields my sight

I try to fight the overwhelming fear

While from my eye pours a tear

A sudden shudder down my spine

As I hear a noise from behind

I close my eyes full of fright

Wishing I only had a light

I hear the noise yet again

Terror fighting for the win

I feel a breath upon my skin

And hear a noise yet again

My scream comes far too late

As I meet with my fate


8 Responses to “Fear”

  1. wambliokiye Says:

    Where to got this from, a dream?

    • I get my inspiration for my poems in all sorts of places and yes dreams do play a lot into it, but also movies and the lives of the people I know and of course my own life.

      • wambliokiye Says:

        Yes, but where did you get your inspiration for this specific poem?

      • I woke up one morning and I felt uneasy but didn’t know why. The next morning I woke up and this is what was in my mind so I wrote it down. I guess it must have been something I dreamed but I don’t remember the dream.

      • wambliokiye Says:

        I’ve been there so that is why I ask..

      • wambliokiye Says:

        If I may ask, Why were you hurt and in guilt?

      • There are a lot of things in my past that I feel guilt over and pain has been a part of me for so long. I’ve lost so many people along the way and most of them died without me ever telling them how much they meant to me. Tragedy seems to follow me around.

      • wambliokiye Says:

        How can I tell you this without misunderstanding? There is nothing you need to remorse about the dead. There are nothing you cant tell them that you can tell yourself. And it is time to tell tragedy to not follow you around. He may come back again but then you have banish him once more. The only obligation you have in life is to experience! Take care of yourself!

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