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You Are Mine January 12, 2013

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I looked into your big beautiful eyes

My knees got weak and my heart began to fly

I knew in that moment that I’d be yours forever

That my life had changed for the better

You gave me love that I thought I’d never find

Suddenly our hearts were at once intertwined

I never thought I’d get so lucky

I never thought I could love so deeply

Our paths crossed for a special reason

And now our bond will never be broken

Our love has withstood the test of time

And I am so happy that you are mine



3 Responses to “You Are Mine”

  1. Chatty Owl Says:

    What can be more powerful, than the hungry exoression of love via art? Outstanding.

  2. zoevega Says:

    Your poems flow so softly yet the tone always seems to show the underlying emotion! 🙂 beautiful!

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