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The Woman I Never Knew April 25, 2013

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As you all know I have been releasing several different books in the past week.  4 books that are dedicated to my poetry and of course my novel The Woman I Never Knew.  It has been a heart wrenching process to get that novel out.  I wrote it after I lost my mother, who was way too young to die.  I was lost and confused and just wanted to curl up and die with her.  I picked up a pen and paper, my go to when I am in pain and started writing.  By the time I stopped I had written an entire book and had pit all my emotions into it.  After that I sat it aside and didn’t look at it again for years.  It signified nothing but pain for me.  Now I have decided to open my heart to the world.  It has been such a painful process that I hope turns into something positive in the end.


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