Be The Change

Be The Change

This world is filled with so much hate
I watch the climbing global death rate
People dying all around
Some of them never found
I think we have lost our way
I think a change is due today
Something will have to give
If we all want to live
I don’t understand why it is this way
Why do all these people have to pay
I don’t understand why we can’t get along
The way people are acting is all wrong
There is enough pain in this world
With disease and war all swirled
It’s time we make a change you see
Because what we’re doing is not what should be
Look around at the mess we’ve made
We should all be ashamed and afraid
We cannot allow this to go on
No more sitting on the sides being withdrawn
This is our world too
Maybe we should try something new
Make a change before it’s too late
It’s time to stop all this hate


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