Original poems from my heart to yours. All rights reserved

Meet Again May 1, 2013

Filed under: Poetry — jadabroussard55 @ 5:29 pm
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I know you’re looking down on me
From that place we cannot see
Watching over what I say and do
Wishing you could come to my rescue
I feel your eyes on me all the time
I really hope it lasts for a lifetime
I hope what I do makes you proud
If not, well it’s good you can’t speak out loud
I try real hard to keep myself in line
But we both know my bloodline
Some days I can see your face
That look of yours filled with disgrace
Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud
When I do something you never allowed
It must be hard for you to watch me
Especially when I make you angry
I look forward to the day we meet again
So I can hear what you have to say then


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