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Strong May 6, 2013

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Life has taught me how to be strong
How to pick myself up and move along
It’s shown me what I am capable of
It’s taught me the right way to love
I know now that I can survive
That I can fight as long as I’m alive
I might bend against the pain I feel
But it will never break me, that’s the deal
I know what I am made of inside
There is no reason for me to hide
I dare you to try and take me down
That would be one hell of a showdown
I might look weak and fragile to some
But I will be a fighter before a victim
I will not lay down and give up this fight
Life has taught me how to bite


5 Responses to “Strong”

  1. leandralynn Says:

    Very nice! I’m new and found your blog and had to follow it. I love poetry.

  2. Such an inspiring poem. I absolutely love it!

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