I am thankful every day

For each word I’m granted to say

For each breath I get to take

For each morning that I awake

I am thankful for the sunny days

But also for the rain delays

I am thankful just to be alive

When so many people must fight to survive


It’s so easy to get lost in life and to forget just how lucky you are.  You are alive and that in itself is the biggest blessing you get.  Don’t waste your precious time when so many are robbed of their time.  Wake up each day and be thankful for the day you were given, because one of these days you might not get so lucky.


3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. words4jp says:

    I was once having a little rant in regards to being stuck at a train crossing. a freind told me to look at it as a forced timeout – someone somewhere wants you to take a breather. 🙂


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