Give Life A Chance


Awaken your soul

And your heart

Open your eyes

Let the feelings start

Look around at

The beauty of it all

Allow your walls

To slowly fall

Give life a chance

To show what’s true

Accept only what you see

And not what other’s do

Don’t allow anyone

To bring you down

Put on a smile

To replace that frown

Let happiness

Come on in

Give it a chance

And welcome it again



6 thoughts on “Give Life A Chance

  1. gdalexander says:

    Riveting poem! This one really speaks to me and what I stand for. Thanks for sharing. I will follow your blog and return to read more, for sure.

    I have a new writing blog that I created after self-publishing my first novel for the Kindle. Please check it out and share your writing experiences with me!


  2. words4jp says:

    i am so happy I found your blog. I really do need to read pieces that are hopeful and full of light. Not that I am down in the dumps all of the time – I just have been having a bit of difficult for the past year and a half and it gets frustrating. & and I am very good at slipping into a dark place. your words lift me up. thank you. xx


  3. aregularcupofjo says:

    This is a great post. We should never fear the unknown. The worst that can happen is it won’t work out, but we will have gained something from it and will make us a better person. Great post and keep up the positive motivation.


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