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The Ghost May 18, 2013

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Do you hear me knocking on the door

Do you hear my steps on the floor

Do you see my light as it glides by

Do you feel a presence that you try to deny

Do you feel a breath slip across your neck

Do you see that flickering speck

I don’t know why you never think it’s me

I am here even if you can’t see

I watch over you each and everyday

Wishing you could hear the words that I say

You always cry because you think I am gone

But can’t you feel that hand I place upon

You have to find a way to believe

For my message to be received

Trust in your heart that I am right here

I promised I wouldn’t leave you my dear



6 Responses to “The Ghost”

  1. You’re work is beautiful! I’m new to your site. I’ll work through your archives as health permits; but I’m glad I found your work. Blessings on your day. I look forward to receiving future posts.

    • I too really enjoy reading your work. I was very glad that I found your site.

      • Thank you. I’m humbled and honored. One of my very first posts here titled To House a Soul is very important to me. if you have time, perhaps you can check that one out. I look forward to getting to know you. I really enjoyed the set-up of your site. It’s much easier to navigate then some, mine included.

      • I will definitely check it out. I look forward to getting to know you too. I’m really glad you like my site. I am fairly new to blogging. It has only been a few months. I love the feedback the most. It makes me feel like my words help others sometime, which is all I really want.

      • Well then be proud, in a very short time, you’ve already accomplished that!

      • Thank you so much.

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