I met a child today

And his courage blew me away

He was fighting to survive

Yet, I’d never met someone so alive

His little voice touched my heart

And immediately the wheels began to start

I had to look upon myself with dismay

For I didn’t have the courage that this child displayed

I sat for a moment with thoughts in my head

Thinking of the life this little boy led

How selfish I was with my complaints

When he was living life with restraints

I cursed at myself for being blind

And decided it was time for me to rewind

It’s time to stop taking life for granted

To expel the sadness and the hatred

It is time to see how lucky we are

To heal our hearts and our scars

Think of this boy whenever you’re down

Think of his smile when you want to frown

He fights everyday just to survive

So lets just be thankful that we are alive


7 thoughts on “Alive

  1. Written Intuitions says:

    Inspiring, encouraging, eye-opening and well written.
    I very much enjoy reading your poetry, always. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings 😉


  2. words4jp says:

    this is beautiful. i will admit I forget sometimes that life is a gift – I get all caught up in the sh*t of my life. but when all is said and done it – is just sh*t – not my life:)


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