I Wonder


Sometimes I wonder

Where you are

If you’re near

Or if you’re far

Sometimes I wonder

If you look the same

With those wild eyes

And hair you could not tame

Sometimes I wonder

Where life has taken you

What kind of life you live

What kind of things you do

Sometimes I wonder

If you ever think of me

If I ever cross your mind

Or wonder what could be

Sometimes I wonder

What I’d do if I saw your face

If you walked in here

In this time and place

Sometimes I wonder

If the pain has been erased

If you’ve forgiven me

Or do you still feel distaste

Sometimes I wonder

About what could have been

Where we would be

If no hearts had been broken

I do think of you 

Every now and again

But then I look around

And all I do is grin

I have so much

In the here and now

There is no point

Of the wondering how

Somewhere along the way

I finally let you go

For my life is better now

Than it ever was ago


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