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Dreams May 22, 2013

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My dreams are playing tricks on me

showing me a life that could be

Even though I know it’s not true

It causes me to sit for a moment and think of you

I don’t have long to ponder the past

My day takes off really fast

Kids come in jumping on the bed

“Good Morning Mommy” is quickly said

My heart melts when I look in their eyes

Immediately my thoughts of you fade and die

I don’t know why you sneak into my dreams

We both know what all this means

It’s a way to remind me of my past

It’s my closure finally at last

This dream was sent to say good-bye

I love my life and you are not why


One Response to “Dreams”

  1. words4jp Says:

    I think sometimes you are writing from inside my head:) It is totally amazing. I have no idea if you are an award fan, but I enjoy giving them as gifts to the bloggers I really enjoy and feel inspired by – http://words4jp.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/a-super-shining-big-thank-you/

    kimberly xx

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