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Sometimes….. May 22, 2013

Filed under: Poetry — jadabroussard55 @ 11:57 am

letting go

After the state some of us have been in I wanted to reblog and earlier entry. For the few that I have already read it, Sorry.
What I do want to say is that we all have the opportunity to let go of the pain. Maybe we should do that and allow happiness into our lives.


Sometimes you can’t fix

The things that are broken

Sometimes you have no words

That are worth being spoken

Sometimes you have to learn

That letting go is not failing

Sometimes you have to accept

Walking away is not bailing 

There will be times in your life

When there will be nothing you can do

No way that you can change

Nothing you can undo

So pick yourself up

And just move on

Because a new opportunity

Will rise with the dawn

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