Good Bye Mother

I don’t share about my mother too often but I dreamed about her last night and I feel compelled.


I remember that day that I got the call

I remember my slow walk through the hall

I remember a nurse saying, “This is the end”

But my mind was not going to allow this to win

I entered the room as everyone cleared out

I looked upon you and held in a shout

There you lay all fragile and ill

But just yesterday you were happy and real

I could not understand what was going on

Then you said, “I chose to go home.”

Tears filled my eyes as I looked at you

I begged you to tell me what to do

You said there was nothing that could be done

It’s time to leave here, what’s done is done

Not once in my life had I seen you give up

But there you were slowly closing up

You chose to stop fighting after all these years

I don’t know why, but I could see your fear

I watched you lay there and take your last breath

And I watched you slowly slip into death

My heart broke into a million pieces

And I ran as fast as my legs would race

I felt my heart broken solidly in half

I knew right then I had lost my path

I’ve struggled so long just to make sense

Then one day I felt your presence

I knew in that moment that you were not gone

It was not a good bye, just a so long

I feel you here all the time

Snuggled in my heart is where I find

That pain is still their some where

But your love has made it easier to bare

I watched you go that terrible day

But that won’t be the last time I see your face


11 thoughts on “Good Bye Mother

    • jadabroussard55 says:

      I normally try to keep things happy and upbeat, it seems light that’s what people like. But when my mother, god rest her soul tells me to do something I comply. She said this would help. I really hope it does.


      • jadabroussard55 says:

        I am a complete introvert, trust me I know. I don’t share with many people, at least not the painful stuff. I am who I am because I have lost nearly everyone I ever loved, but that being said I am my mother’s daughter so I too shall not give up. I am so glad that we are getting to know each other. It’s been a very long time since I took that step.


  1. 4valentines4words4poetry4you says:

    you love your mother this is clear
    she maybe gone but will always be here
    you see her in dreams and she will always love you
    you were her sweet daughter who love her too
    she will want you to be happy and enjoy life each day
    she will always care for you as you cared for her each day
    your tribute is beautiful real poetry true
    she is your mother and deserve this beautiful poem too


      • 4valentines4words4poetry4you says:

        your welcome dear lady so welcome indeed
        life is for living but we all have to grieve
        when someone so special has passed from our lives
        we all have our tears and our prayers
        we never forget them there laughter there tears there joy each day
        thats what memories are hear for to help us along the way
        on this journey through life too
        on this stage where we all have our part to play
        untill our time on judgment day
        keep smiling and remember all those happy memories
        as they are your building blocks in lifes journey
        which helps to understand life and all its complexity
        i hope this helps you my dear
        if you need to cry feel free to shed a tear
        as its only natural to love and be loved each day
        and have feelings for those who have gone away.

        my name is kevin


      • 4valentines4words4poetry4you says:

        i came onto this site to write words to help others originally and if my replies to peoples poems helps well i have acheived my aims and goals i have lot of poems on my main blog several hundred and my second blog is still quite small its called myheartsingspoetry i started that a year after my first one iam glad my words helped you


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