Something I Have To Say

I like to keep things upbeat, it’show I have been trying to live my life.  Then all of a sudden I was assaulted with some memories I can no longer erase.  So what do I do, I get it out on paper.


Memories of a time long ago

When I was still a child learning to grow

You stole something from me that day

You picked it up and walked away

You didn’t care about me at all

You never noticed my fall

I trusted you for so long

Then you showed be where you belong

You scattered that girl I used to be

You changed the person I now call me

I locked you away all those years ago

But something happen and you were let go

It’s hard to see the life you made

Without seeing the part of me you made fade

I’ll never forget of those days gone past

Yet, today I chose to bury it at last



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