Used To Be


I remember that girl I used to be

The one that moved around from town to town

That awkward little girl who kept to herself

The one who walked around alone and with a frown

I remember how hard it was

For me to make new friends

And if somehow I finally did

Then it was time to go again

I remember being scared all the time

Spending my childhood sad and alone

Looking back on those days

causes me to moan

It hurts to look back at that pain

From so long ago

But if I never turn around

How will I see how far I grow

Those days have made me who I am

They have given me courage and have taught me 

I cannot regret or even deny them

They are a part of me don’t you see

I’ve come along from who I used to be

It doesn’t matter to me if you don’t see

I’m a lot stronger that what you used to know 

I’m not that little girl who could not grow


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