I awoke this morning feeling angry and sad

It must have been the awful dreams I’d had

I watched my family scatter and run

For they knew I was not filled with fun

I opened those windows to see the sun shine

I let the happiness seep into my mind

Bad days come all the time

you have to find a way to let the sun shine

No day can be as bad as you think

With the warmth of the sun and a cold drink

and of course for those with no sun to see

Just find something bright, in this your allowed to cheat

I wish you all make your own happiness today

Enjoy what you have been given, don’t let it walk away

Grab those things that put a smile on your face

If it’s not where your at, then change your place

Search for that ray that enters your heart

Welcome in it right from the start

Good day to each and every one of you.  I hope you do whatever it is that makes you happy.  Follow those dreams as far as they will take you.



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