Something a litte different

Image      Coffee & Kisses


Poetry is evading me right now, I don’t post the angry one.  I am angry and hurt and confused.  After a very rough night, I really didn’t know where to turn,  Life was spinning out of control and my emotions were haywire.  I grabbed my car keys with no destination in sight.  I stopped by the store to grab a cup of coffee and as I was waiting in line something nudged me to buy that bag of Hershey’s Kisses.  My mother loved Hershey’s Kisses and coffee when it came to problems.

I drove to nearby park and allowed my tears to fall in torrents.  I felt hopeless.  I picked up my coffee and the kisses rolled into my lap.  A sign, maybe.  I opened the bad and ate them as I sipped my coffee and there she was.  I could smell the Red just like it was yesterday.  I poured my heart out in the car this morning with my mother sitting right next to me.  (I can only imagine what on lookers were thinking).  Once the coffee and kisses where gone I was spent.  I had no more to say.  I waited to hear her voice but it did not come.  Instead I felt a peace like I had never experienced in my life.  I felt what could have been a hug and the Red disappeared from the car.  I sat for a moment taking in the whole morning then all I could do was smile.  That one moment had stopped the spinning and had shown me exactly what I needed to do.  I drove away not filled with the sadness I felt when I drove in, but instead with peace and trust.

Thank you mama for guiding your little girl.  


5 thoughts on “Something a litte different

  1. ghostbusterbev says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story about connecting with your mother’s spirit. It is reassuring to know that our loved ones don’t leave us…that they continue on in another form and are there when we need to connect.


  2. Ray's Mom says:

    Grief is hard to describe, it affects each of us differently. The hurt and grief you describe is common to all who have lost someone dear. God bless you and I do understand your feelings.


  3. Devan says:

    I have nominated you for both the Sunshine Award and the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope that you will accept these along with my congratulations and pass them onto blogs that you love! (: See the rules at


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