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Brother No More May 29, 2013

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Sadness radiates through my mind

This loss I feel is of a different kind

We were once as close as can be

We survived it all together you and me

We made it through, only GOD knows how

And after all that I have to watch you allow

Our whole lives to matter for nothing

All those times you were there for something

It’s not so easy to erase you from my mind

We are all that’s left in our family line

You used to be my hero, the one I wanted to be

But now I see the truth that you never loved me

So big brother I grant you your wish

I see now that to you I do not exist

My heart is broken at this loss

I hope you know just what it cost


6 Responses to “Brother No More”

  1. I’m sad. I love family, regardless of what is said and done, the blood that flows through, you also through his. I also have some blood in my veins that are in yours. Family is Family, disagreements come and go, but in our veins the same blood flows

    • I am sad too. I have been crying for days. He loves to take away his love like it is nothing, like I am nothing. I deserve more than that, I took care of him in his time of need. His words were so hurtful. He hasn’t talked to me since even though e have seen each other more than once. I do hope that this too blows over but I will not allow my heart to be broken by him anymore. I just can’t do it.

  2. words4jp Says:

    I read this when you originally posted it – and i wanted to say something – just not certain what to say exactly. I have trouble understand the family dynamic sometimes. I say that because mine was sh*t and now i have only my two sons and a dog. I was an only child and my parents have passed. I will say this much, I always wanted a sibling and it saddens me greatly when I hear of falling outs and disputes between sibs. But – I understand that stuff happens – and, well, life must go on. maybe someday, your connection will be reconnected and then again maybe it will not. but in the meantime you live your life and make it the best you can – we have been given only one:)


    • Thank you so much for your words. It hurts when my brother treats me like I don’t matter, but that is life. I hope that he changes his mind and honors hiatus promise to his dead mother, but I can’t make that happen. So I chose to move forward no matter how hard it is. I will not allow him to undo the positive changes that I have made in my life. Besides friends are the family we get to choose.

      • words4jp Says:

        I really love your outlook – I have a tendency to let my dark side over take me – which is not bad – it is a part of who I am, but I get so frustrated, then sad, then hopeless – I know the stuff I should be thinking and feeling, but have a hard time implementing it. I read your last blog about awards – I am giving you another – working on the post right now. I agree, they take a lot of time (time I lack), but i enjoy giving them because I really do appreciate so much the writers and artists on the blogs that I follow. I receive so much from what I read and I really want to return a little something. So please know that I understand your feelings in regards to the awards – and please know there is no pressure to respond in anyway. I just want you to know I really enjoy your blog:) Kimberly

      • Thank you so much. I too know all about the dark side. It visits me still, but I want something more than that. I don’t want my kids to know only that part me. I want them to see that I finally started fighting back. And if in doing that I inspire someone else that’s even better.

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