I used to think that family meant something

That when you shared a lifetime with someone 

That nothing could every tear that asunder

But maybe I was wrong thinking that blood was thicker than water

I can’t help but think of those kids we used to be

The ones that actually liked each other most of the time

The ones the kept each other strong through every move we made

The ones who protected each other from the men that came

The ones who held each other up through not one but two painful funerals

I don’t understand what happen to him and her

We have both made mistakes but I never turned my back on you

I loved you unconditionally no matter what you did

But it seems that was not the same for you

If I don’t live up to what you want to see

Then you just have no use for me

The pain that is tearing me apart shows my love for you

But for you it’s nothing you even care about

Thirty-fives years of history just thrown away

Like none of it ever mattered at all

Why have I invested so much love in you

When all I ever get is disdain from you

I know I can’t stop loving you

Our mother taught me better than that

I wonder where you were when to gave me that gift

I wish you could understand the pain you have caused

Your words have torn holes straight through my heart

You are my brother, we came from the same mother

We came from the same bastard too

I don’t know why you don’t love me

I don’t know why I don’t measure up

But this is my last words on this






2 thoughts on “Brother

  1. words4jp says:

    I am very sorry for you having to experience such a difficult time – I have no words to say except i have plenty of hugs to send your way:)

    Kimberly xxx


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