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Deep Breath May 29, 2013

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Sorry for the all the pain I expelled

But I could not continue living in this hell

I have taken a deep breath and blown it out

There’s no more cause for scream and shout

Thank you all for lending your ear

As we all know no one is perfect here

But here I am ready to inspire

There is no way I will allow that part of me to expire

I’m trying to move forward with my life

I just don’t have time for all this strife

I am going to find a way to let it all go

I will not allow it to make me hollow

I look around at my own small family

And it’s just so clear to me




5 Responses to “Deep Breath”

  1. Nothing like a new beginning, God bless you sister!

  2. Chatty Owl Says:

    So happy for you! You are stronger than you think, dear.

  3. words4jp Says:

    yo are right – no one is perfect, which is what makes us so interesting! I wish you the best with stepping the ‘new foot forward’ – 🙂

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