Broken Hearts are Meant to Heal









I haven’t quite felt whole in a very long time

Like pieces of me are scattered from here to there

I lost a little piece the first time my heart broke

Another piece was gone before I even knew wear

I lost a chunk the day I watched my mom die

I felt it fall away but I could not find

I lost a piece when to my grandmother I said bye

I’ve searched my whole life for just a little kind

All these pieces scattered through life

Leaving wholes that were hard to fill

But something changed after all these years

Those wholes have started to seal

The first whole closed with the love of a good man

That broken piece finally healed

The second whole filled when I saw my daughter’s eyes

The love I had for her in that moment formed an unbreakable seal

The final piece was glued back in place

When this beautiful little boy showed up one day

For the first time in my life I felt completely whole

My family had healed me and taken the pain away



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