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My Hope June 1, 2013

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As you set off on this journey

called life, I hope you see

You are beautiful and smart

And you have a very kind heart

I hope that life is kind

And I hope that you can find

The person you want to be

The person that is nothing like me

I hope you take the right road

Give apologies when they’re owed

Accept love when it arrives

And learn quickly how to survive

Life can be cruel my dear

But you can’t allow that to cause fear

Just step on out and make your dreams come true

And always know I am here for you



8 Responses to “My Hope”

  1. Very, very nice friend. Though I think it’d be a blessing to be just like you. Hugs

  2. words4jp Says:

    this is lovely. I have been thinking about this a lot lately – my oldest graduates school next week. I took him to his first day the job yesterday (he was scared – I could see it in his eyes) Both of my boys are growing up so fast……..

  3. Beautiful!
    Enjoy your children for indeed they grow up fast, too fast.

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