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Ode to My Daughter June 1, 2013

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You’re my little girl

With your sweet smile

Your infectious laugh

And crazy sense of style

You brighten my day

By just being you

You light up my life

With the nice things you do

I am so proud

Of who you’ve become

You’re a remarkable person

Full of love, life and then some

I love to watch

You grow everyday

I love to hear

The sweet words you say

No matter how old you get

You will always be my baby

I will always love you

You mean the world to me


16 Responses to “Ode to My Daughter”

  1. Megha Patel Says:

    I know she is proud to have a parent like you!

  2. Reblogged this on allaboutmanners and commented:
    Love this!

  3. beautiful realy isxxxxx

  4. words4jp Says:

    making me cry:)

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Reblogged this on What Jennifer Thinks and commented:
    Because I have daughters that inspire me and continually cause me to struggle to be a better mom…

  6. Ray's Mom Says:

    Reblogged this on The Matter of Life and Death and commented:
    This beautiful tribute to a daughter certainly expresses the love I share with my daughter, Katharine.

  7. johncoyote Says:

    A beautiful poem for for your child. Children are the reasons we are alive.

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