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Life June 3, 2013

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We are all given just one life to live

One chance to learn to love and forgive

The choices we make dictate our path

They can lead us to glory or miserable wrath

It is our job to create the life we want

It’s something you work at not flaunt

You decide if it’s good or bad

You choose to be happy or sad

Make the most of the life your given

Don’t ever give in even when your beaten

Chances come each and every day

Grab a hold of one and you’ll be on your way

Make this life as good as you can

Try something new and forget about a plan

You only get one chance to do it right

Now is the time to start the fight


3 Responses to “Life”

  1. words4jp Says:

    words i try i live by – try……sometimes fail, but try……

  2. cristinegee Says:

    you really are good in motivating people. I wonder where you get all that strength to hold everything in when your body just wants to break down. Keep it up if you will oneechan (big sister in Japanese). You’re very inspiring! 😉

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