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I Still See Hope June 6, 2013

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I see pain every where I look

Tragedy and danger around every nook

I see hurt crippling good souls

I see so many giving up their goals

I see life just passing people by

I see people too young die

I see searching for something unfound

I watch as the people I love are lowered into the ground

And yet I still find a way

To see hope in every day

I believe that miracles still happen

And chances and opportunities are still given

Life can be marred by the bad

But missing the good is even more sad

Let go of the things that bring you down

Before they are the cause of you to drown


3 Responses to “I Still See Hope”

  1. Chatty Owl Says:

    Thin, sad truth.

  2. apurvakj Says:

    Such a beautiful poem! very true and inspiring…

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