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Find Hope June 11, 2013

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Sometimes I look at the world around me

And what I see makes my heart break

There is no shred of hope in the eyes I see

They are filled with pain and heartache

I reach out to ease an aching soul

But sometimes the soul cannot be healed

Sometimes there is nothing in your control

Sometimes you are too afraid to allow it to be revealed

I try to give hope to those I see

Because I know it’s hope that will get them through

I try to show them what life can be

How hope can change your life and make it new

I only want to give something back

To help someone who is lost find their way

To help get this world back on track

To give hope a chance every single day

I only want to see you thrive

To open your heart and begin to feel

To finally wake up and feel alive

To let go of the pain and start to heal


5 Responses to “Find Hope”

  1. words4jp Says:

    what you do is a wonderful thing – your writing is precious and helps to fuel hope:) xx

  2. Keeping the spirit of hope alive is something I aspire to do each moment of my life.

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