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Promise June 12, 2013

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Things are not always what they seem

Sometimes life feels more like a dream

Things sometimes just don’t work out

That’s no reason to lose doubt

Life can be hard I know that’s true

But I know in my heart you can get through

Don’t let the little things bring you down

Make sure you keep the right people around

Don’t give up no matter how many times you fail

Cause it only takes on time for life to sail

Even if you think there is no end

To the pain you have found yourself in

Don’t let hope leave your heart

Don’t allow your heart to fall apart

Things will turn around just wait and see

This is a promise for you from me


2 Responses to “Promise”

  1. cristinegee Says:

    I’m SO touched by this. I’m in a crisis right now, and it’s not really good for a seventeen year old gal to be left behind by someone she loved too much. I do hope that everything will be alright (even though I think it won’t). and I do hope that you know how much this promise of yours means to me. I’ll hold on to this. THANK YOU. A LOT. 🙂

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