Sometimes life gets in your way

From finding the right words to say

From showing how much you care

From taking that risk or dare

Sometimes life gets in the way 

Of you doing what you want today

It stops you in your track

It finds ways to hold you back

Sometimes life is not on your side

And you feel like you should hide

But hiding is not the right thing to do

It will only hinder the progress of you

Don’t let life’s ups and downs

Dictate your happys and your frowns

You only get once chance at this

Why would you want to miss

Why would you give up now

Why would you even allow

Something so small to change you

To make you question the things you do

It’s just a bump in the road

Don’t allow it to corrode

Stand tall in who you are

Never back down in the war

This is your life we’re talking about

You cannot live it with all this doubt


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