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Storm June 13, 2013

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the ups and downs

Some days I spend my time just searching around

Looking for something I am not sure can be found

Always wondering if I’m going to fall through the ground

Some days I feel lost and just can’t see

All the beautiful things that surround me

I feel all alone everywhere I may be

I feel like I’m missing something totally

It’s on these days I learn to cope

As I search for any sign of hope

I will not allow myself to mope

As I climb that slippery slope

Life is too short to be this way

I have to find a better way

I will not allow this to ruin my day

You can believe the words I say

I will not allow this feeling to last

I am not going to go back to my past

I am strong enough to get through this fast

It’s only a little storm in the forecast






6 Responses to “Storm”

  1. My friend, you are amazing. I love this entry, the strength. Hugs

  2. I open my eyes and I see you on my blogs, I follow. This past week I’ve been grieving the loss of a beloved friend, artist, dancer and poet. I couldn’t write anything new because of the torrent of grief. And, then, I clicked on your blog and read your transcendent and heartfelt poem. Jada, thank you again. Your messages deserve time capsules. Peace and love. Michele

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