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Miss You Much June 14, 2013

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I miss the talks we used to share

The fun, the games, the truth or dare

I miss the laughs that were always there

That one drunk night at the fair

It’s easy to recall those days of long ago

Because I’ve thought about them more than you would know

The silliness that teenage girls go through

The craziness that we all knew

We went through so much together

A lifetime ago, that we could not weather

We were there for each other through so much

Like boys, broken hearts and family and such

We leaned on each other through it all

Until our friendship began to collapse and fall

I regret that so much these days

Looking back at how we parted ways

So I just wanted to say I miss you

And I wish there was something I could do

To erase all the years that we’ve missed

To take away the pain that still exists


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