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Good Man June 15, 2013

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A good man is hard to find

So many of them are selfish and unkind

A good man wants to be around

He wants to be the one to pick you up when you’re down

He wants to be the one to hold your hand

When life gives you more than you can stand

He will not have a problem with putting you first

He will never be the cause of things getting worse

He is there for you one hundred percent

He is not afraid of love and commitment

A good man can be hard to find

So once you do, never unbind

Hold on tight to the jewel you’ve found

Cause if you don’t someone else might take him down


2 Responses to “Good Man”

  1. andersays Says:

    this is one of my favorites, not just of yours, but of any I have read in awhile, thank you for sharing

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