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Taught June 17, 2013

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Life has taught me a few things

It has shown me miracles and blessings

It has taught me to never give up no matter what

And that sometimes you just have to follow your gut

It has taught me the only way to love is completely

And that sharing your emotions should be done freely

It has shown me that regrets have no place in your heart

The past has made you not torn you apart

It has taught me how to forgive

And that you only get one chance to live

It has shown me that hope leads to change

And that kindness should fill every exchange

It has shown me that you can move forward no matter what you’ve done

And that each day you get a second chance with the rising of the sun

It has taught me that positivity is the only way

And that you never know if this will be your last day

I’ve learned to appreciate what I’ve got

And to accept the lessons I’ve been taught 


4 Responses to “Taught”

  1. tina5458 Says:

    Very touching and true!

  2. You’ve been writing some incredibly powerful pieces friend. Thought I should convey that. hugs

    • Thank you so much. I feel like so many people in this world have lost hope and don’t believe in themselves anymore. Bad things happen to everyone. You can’t give up or lose hope when life is hard because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This I know first hand.

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