Last Time



A lifetime ago was the last I saw your face

Yet I still remember the exact time and place

I remember the words that you said

I remember the way my heart bled

I’ll never forget that look in your eye

The sadness I felt when you said good-bye

I think of you even after all these years

And sometimes I have to wipe the tears

You walked away from me that night

Without even putting up a fight

I watched you go thinking I’d see you soon

Believing in my heart that our love was immune

How could I know I’d never again see your face

That you would die and leave this place

Leave me here with all my grief

Shake my core and my belief

Shatter the life that had planned

The one I thought would always withstand

I have never forgotten you through all these years

I have a special place for you my dear

I had to move on, I had no choice

I had to stop waiting to hear your voice

Life was never the same after you

But I learned that love can be so true

You are the reason I was able to survive

Because you taught me how to be alive

I’ll never regret our time together

It was just a storm that we could not weather


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