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Pondering June 20, 2013

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My children sometimes make me wonder

I think of the future and I just ponder

How their lives will be at my age

If they will have kids at this stage

If they will have found their way

Or if they were still drifting away

It scares me to think about

Them falling short or being without

I want nothing but the best for them

A life full of joy with no condemns

A life that they can be proud of

One filled with happiness and love

I hope they find there direction

And are not careless with their words or actions

I hope that they love completely

And that they still talk to me

I hope that they have no regrets

And that they have found their outlets

I look at them and hope so much

Just happiness and love and such


4 Responses to “Pondering”

  1. tina5458 Says:

    yes very well put!

  2. Chatty Owl Says:

    Its the worry of every parent, thoughts of every mother and father. Its part of the beauty of having kids.. May yours be lucky and happy in the future.

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