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Family June 22, 2013

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My family means the world to me

They are the only future I can see

They are the reason I wake in the morn

They are the reason my love was reborn

I spent years drifting without any purpose

But now my life is filled with brightness

I wake each day to see these little faces

They show me that I’m finally in the right place

I would lay down and die if I had to

Anything at all I had to do

Just to protect my family

It’s the only job for me

My family means the world to me

I love them more than you can see





5 Responses to “Family”

  1. Beautiful post here beautiful lady!

  2. words4jp Says:

    this is so precious. i thank whoever there is up above for my children everyday. without them i would be lost. i know for certain that i would not be around.

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