Live for Today



Some days I am sure of whats right and wrong

Other days it takes everything I have to keep moving along

Lines get muddled every now and then

So much time spent wondering why and when

Life can be hard with it’s ups and downs

It can make you smile or make you frown

You never know what will come with the day

Pain and suffering or love and play

You never know when your next tragedy will come

You never know if you’ll awake with the rising sun

So live each day as if it were your last

Have some fun, life can be a blast

Don’t worry about what tomorrow may bring

Live for the moment that’s so inspiring

Wake each day and be happy to be alive

Cherish each moment that you survive

It can all be over in a blink of the eye

We all know this journey ends when we die

So live it up while you still can

Love life and your fellow man




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