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Mistakes June 24, 2013

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I know I’ve made mistakes

All people do

But the way you punish me

Is not about me but you

You say I’m a disappointment

And that I have let you down

That I have hurt you feelings

And have caused you to frown

Well maybe that’s true

But that was a long time ago

You can’t keep holding it against me

Sometimes you just have to let go

I have begged you for forgiveness

To which you don’t seem to care

I guess I am the fool now

I am finally fully aware

You act like you’re so perfect

Living in your glass house

Well I know the truth

You’re no more perfect than a louse

I don’t really understand

Why you continue to judge me

When your own life is out of control

Even though it’s something you don’t see

I tried to change the outcome

But you seem stuck in the past

So I have chosen to move on

This is the last

I wish things were different

And we could just move on

But you like the misery

So now I am gone



4 Responses to “Mistakes”

  1. SUNEESH Says:

    we have to learn from mistakes. Making mistakes is common. All will do mistakes, forgiving other’s mistake is important. …nice lines. have a nice day

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