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Be Kind June 25, 2013

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I awoke one day feeling sorry for myself

Then I got a call about a friends death

I cursed at myself for how selfish I had been

This person was gone, never to be seen again

I went to the store and what did I see

This poor little boy who looked so hungry

I heard his mother weep as she said

I am so sorry I can only afford bread

My heart sank at the thoughts I had

Looking at him I knew my life wasn’t so bad

On my way home I saw a bad wreck

I heard the cop say the girl broke her neck

I watched her parents as they struggled to grieve

And in that moment I wished my words I could retrieve

So many people are going through so much

Pain and tragedy and helplessness and such

I felt foolish for the words I did say

Life is not easy for any one in any way

I promised myself on that fateful day

That I would be kind with the words I say

You never know what battles other’s are in

Your kind words could be just what they need to grin


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