What I See



I used to worry about what other’s would think

I allowed their opinions to cause me to sink

I started to believe the things they saw

I’d look at myself and see the flaws

It took me some time to finally understand

It’s not their life, it’s not their plan

I won’t allow you to bring me down

I am proud of the way I turned around

I won’t let you distort what I see

I know what’s really inside of me

So keep your opinions, I don’t care

I know the truth, I’m fully aware

You wouldn’t like it if I did the same

If I listed your flaws as if it were a game

No one is perfect especially not you

But I don’t judge the way you do

I let you be exactly who you are

I don’t try to hurt or mar

We all have flaws, that’s the way we’re made

Judging other people is a shame I’m afraid

I will never let anyone dictate the person I see

And I wish the same for every one I meet





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