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Walls June 27, 2013

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I built these walls to protect my heart

To shield myself from the very start

I never allowed anyone in

I never allowed a connection to begin

I sat in my solitude watching life pass me by

I continually told myself that one big lie

Protecting yourself is safer when you are alone

I knew it wasn’t true but I just kept on

Then you came into my life and knocked my walls down

You showed me love as you picked me up from the ground

You took the time to fight through the walls

You didn’t give up until I began to fall

You showed me that life could be better with two

You walked beside me and helped me through

You were the only one who cared enough

It didn’t matter to you that I was trying to be tough

Thank you for loving me when no one else could

Thank you for helping me when no one else would



6 Responses to “Walls”

  1. Very, very nice 🙂 Perhaps the wall wasn’t necessary in the first place ;D

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