Without You



Nighttime arrives and finds me alone

I hug your pillow because it smells of cologne

I think about you for a little while

And before I know it I start to smile

I drift off to sleep with thoughts of you in my head

Before long I am tossing and turning in bed

My dreams are filled with the face I miss

My lips are aching for your kiss

I awake with a longing deep inside

My face is wet for I have cried

I reach across the cold, empty bed

Wishing you would be there to close the spread

I lay awake wishing that life could be different

That I wouldn’t have to spend half of life with you absent

It’s in those moments that I curse our life

But nothing could change the way I love being your wife

I might only have you half of the time

But it doesn’t diminish this love of a lifetime

I endure all these lonely nights

Because life without you would not be right



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