I dreamt of you again last night

Not of love but more of fright

I saw you there holding the gun

I turned around and started to run

I heard the shot then the bullet pierced my heart

I awoke in a scream as my heart tore apart

I took me a minute to understand

That killing me was not your plan

It was more like a sign

That my heart was not mine

It belonged to you completely

That was what the dream wanted me to see

I felt relief as it all began to make sense

No longer was I afraid or tense

I was in love with the keeper of me heart

Always have been right from the start


3 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. this is really interesting. I like to think that the psychological fact is true – i have not dreamed of certain people in awhile – though during the day i think of them non-stop. One is gone forever. The other is gone but I carry on the hope that someday…. I do so wish he misses me.


    1. Years ago I did a dream study because I always had very vivid like like dreams. It was very interesting trying to learn what they really mean. Our sub conscious has a way of showing us the things our heads are unable to understand.


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