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Real July 2, 2013

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Sometimes I wonder if it’s all real

If your actions warrant how I feel

I wonder if I’m seeing things clearly

Or if my love is leading me blindly

I can’t help that I have these doubts

I get irrational when we have these droughts

I have to remind myself all we have been through

I have to tell myself it’s me with the issue

But somewhere inside that feeling is there

That feeling telling me that you don’t even care

I push it aside over and over again

Struggling not to allow it to win

I hate that sometimes I’m still not sure

That I question your motives as being unpure

I hope I’m wrong and just being foolish

I hope all this time you weren’t being selfish

I hope our life together is for real

I hope it’s not lies when you say how you feel


9 Responses to “Real”

  1. Chatty Owl Says:

    If love is real and mutual, it never leads you blindly..

  2. I so love how you can so so much with so little words, I suppose it’s why you have the gift of poetry.

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