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The World July 3, 2013

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I look at the world around me

And sadness is all I see

Pain and suffering

Greed and fighting

It’s not the way it’s supposed to be

This is not the world for you and me

Innocent people die everyday

Tragedy seems to be the only way

Hope has been lost by so many

Evil is seen instead of beauty

Things seem to be out of control

We are in trouble as a world in whole

I wish we could make a change

Happiness and joy in exchange

For the pain that we feel

Then things might be real


4 Responses to “The World”

  1. words4jp Says:

    I do wish we could.

  2. Elia Bintang Says:

    Most people want peace, shelter, and a job, but unfortunately the most important political decisions belong to the few…

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