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Inside July 9, 2013

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I haven’t always taken the right road

There were times when I couldn’t carry my own load

I have made my fair share of mistakes

But the things I’ve done right out ranks

No one is perfect that is for sure

We all struggle and become unsure

It’s all a part of lessons learned

It should not be anyone’s concern

You shouldn’t care what other’s think

Life could be over in just a blink

Do what makes your ownself happy

Live the life that you can carry

Don’t judge yourself by other’s

They have not read all the chapters

They only know what they see

Not what’s inside of you and me


2 Responses to “Inside”

  1. lalarukh1 Says:

    Very lovely words … Poets have always been an inspiration…I am impressed ! Keep up the great work. xx

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