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Depression July 10, 2013

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WTFzz quote of the week Sept 3 wm

Sometimes I feel lost in this place

I look in the mirror and do not recognize this face

Everything around me seems not right

Something is blocking the truth from my sight

I can see the good in front of me

But my emotions are betraying me

I cannot find the joy I used to know

Happiness does not seem to grow

Depression settles right on in

I don’t even know how it all begins

I have to fight and try to push it away

I can’t allow it to grow beyond today

I will not let it destroy who is me

I will fight it completely


3 Responses to “Depression”

  1. kalabalu Says:

    If you tend to give it a punch
    or a kick 🙂 I can help a bit
    when depression has settled in
    everything good doesn’t make you blink
    Look at the mirror, can you see
    If you can..then be happy
    Many have lost sight and more
    Tell depression to leave and go

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