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Here & Now July 11, 2013

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Today is what’s important

The right here and now

No holding on to the past

Or a future you might not be allowed

Make the most of your moments

Cherish the love that is around

Live your life to the fullest

Make sure happiness is found

Life can be very fragile

Any day could be your last

So enjoy each day you get

Stay in the present not the past


4 Responses to “Here & Now”

  1. words4jp Says:

    I try so hard at this. I really really do. I am finally letting go of some things – from decades ago. But that guy – no.

    • It’s very hard to let go of the past and letting go of past loves can be the hardest. The best way is to find a new love you know:)

      • words4jp Says:

        Yes. I did that – he is the last one. I did not do it intentionally, it just happened and he was the one person I truly could be myself with. Now, I really cannot trust anyone anymore. Guys suck – except my boys and your husband. xx

      • I know how hard it is to trust people especially after you have been hurt by someone you love. I struggled with that myself with my husband. I only knew that bad side of love. That was all I had ever seen. I didn’t trust anyone, but then I met him and things changed. Hopefully that is in your cards too. Oh and he sucks sometimes too 🙂

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