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No Good July 16, 2013

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He is no good for you my dear

You not seeing that is my fear

You deserve better that’s for sure

How do you continue to endure

The way he talks makes my blood boil

Putting you down causing nothing but turmoil

He has sucked the life right out of you

Why do you continue to allow him to do

These horrible things that make you cry

Why can’t you just sway good-bye

If you think this is love, you are wrong

This is not where you belong

I can’t stand by and watch this anymore

You have to do something, not just ignore

It’s time you took your life back

It’s time to get back on track


4 Responses to “No Good”

  1. johncoyote Says:

    Hard to change the direction of another. Also hard to watch someone used and abused. Thank you for sharing the excellent poem.

  2. nuttyblurt Says:

    Hard hitting and emotive. Excellent 😉

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