I shudder as your memory

Bounces through my head

It doesn’t happen often

In y heart you’re already dead

I know that’s harsh

But what can I say

You never loved me

At least not enough to stay

I don’t know why

I even think of you

I get angry with myself

Every time I do

You made the choice

To walk away

You never tried

To even find a way

You are supposed

To be my dad

The only one

I’ve ever had

But you are a stranger

And really nothing more

I wish I felt something

More in my core


12 thoughts on “Stranger

  1. words4jp says:

    Jada – you and I have quite a bit in common. I am happy I found this post. i am a bit behind due to pooter bugs. I want so much to catch up – I found this – i understand this feeling, though i have come to some degree of peace in regards to my dad. xx


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